World Environment Day


“Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.” Earl Nightingale.
Man has a lot of expectations in life and from it. To live life to the fullest would be his greatest expectation. To do so he needs to be healthy. A prospect of a healthy life looks like a dream to many of us today. This was not the case a few decades ago. Land, water and air in abundance made man greedy and selfish. A reserve for the future was a forgotten thought. The natural reserves were not hoarded. This resulted in devastation.
Man woke up and realized that he needs to respect Mother Nature and as an effort towards this noble endeavor he began a lot of initiatives by raising awareness within his community. It took many arduous feats to reach where we are today.
As part of our effort towards the goal of building a better environment, AMARA JYOTHI PULIC SCHOOL in sync with the celebration of ENVIRONMENT DAY which is now global initiative adopted the great deed of gifting saplings in the neighborhood. The involvement of the teachers and students emphasized the fact that change begins from home and giving away 1000 saplings brought in the feel good factor in all involved.
Like Aldo Leopold, the author said Conversation is a state of harmony between men and land. We are striving to build in the harmony with the help of our future generation and we believe that we are going to be successful. June 8th 2019 will be remembered in AJPS, since we are the change makers!