Safety and Policies

The School retains the right to determine its policies. Parents are requested to co-operate with the School authorities in enforcing them.

Guidelines for Parents

  1. Parents or visitors may not enter the premises between 8.25 am and 8.45am.
  2. Parents are requested to procure a Parent ID Card for themselves from the School with a payment of Rs. 100/-. You are requested to carry your ID card at all times while entering the School premises.
  3. Parents are requested to enter the campus, after making an entry in the register with the security personnel.
  4. Parents, staff and visitors are requested  to maintain the dresscode, demeanour and behaviour as an example to the impressionable young minds who are attending the institution. We request all visitors to be dressed only in formal attire inside the school premises.
  5. The School endeavours to keep the communication lines open between parents and faculty.
  6. All written communication from parents to teachers and vice-versa will be via school diary, using the pages allotted for this purpose.
  7. Teachers can meet parents only on appointment which will be fixed by the co-ordinators as per the teachers availability in her/his daily schedule.
  8. All communication, homework schedule, etc., must be acknowledged/ countersigned by the parents. This confirms that the parents have read them.
  9. Parents are not allowed to enter classrooms except during PTM or only with the explicit permission from of the Principal.
  10. Parents are requested to inform the School immediately if there is a change in telephone number or address
  11. Parents are expected to regularly attend all PTM’s and School events to which they are invited.

Guidelines for Students

  1. Every student must carry his Book and Identity Card to School each day.
  2. The School gates will be closed at 8.25 am. We have a zero tolerance policy on late coming.
  3. The School is not responsible for items that are misplaced or lost. All lost property that is collected will be made available at the main office.
  4. Students are not permitted to carry money to school unless required by the class teacher for an event or field trip. Money has to be deposited with the class teacher as soon as the child arrives in school.
  5. The School does not take any responsibility for money brought by students.
  6. Students are  not permitted to carry on sharp objects such as knives or pointed tipped scissors to school. This is a punishable offense
  7. Students are not allowed to bring valuable articles like expensive watches, fountain pens, MP3  players, toys, etc., to school. In case of any violation of this rule, the article will be confiscated.
  8. Students are not permitted to wear watches until they are in grade 5.
  9. No student is permitted to bring a mobile phone to the school. If there is a genuine need to do so, then the child is expected to deposit the mobile with the Principal/ Head Mistress, each morning and collect it on his/her way home.
  10. Students may not bring in festival related articles, colors for Holi, crackers for Diwali etc into the school premises. They may not indulge in these activities in their school uniform, even outside of school. A failure to adhere to this policy will have very serious consequences.
  11. Bullying and the use of foul language are not acceptable anywhere in the School premises or on the School buses.
  12. The Management has the right to take action as is deemed appropriate on any student from the School whose conduct has been found unsatisfactory in spite of repeated warnings (please note the discipline policy).
  13. Any amorous gestures of hugging, kissing, cuddling, sitting in proximity than is necessary, sitting on laps etc will fetch an instant discipline card or suspension, without dialogue
  14. The school uniform is an identity of the School and therefore should be respected and worn with pride. Students are not permitted to defile the uniform by writing on them or snipping the uniform. The rules regarding dress code are clearly chartered in the dress code policy
  15. In or out of uniform, students are expected to behave in a manner that brings pride to themselves, their families and the School
  16. Photography within the campus is not permitted without prior consent of the Principal
  17. Students are expected to respect the property and facilities of the school. A student is liable to pay for damaging school property within two weeks of receiving an invoice.
  18. On the happy occasion like birthdays, students are only permitted to carry candies/ small toffees to share with their classmates or teachers on their birthdays.
  19. The school id card cannot be decorated or meddled with in any manner.
  20. Kindly go through Discipline policies and sanctions regarding the same.

Home Work Policy

Extended Home Tasks are given to reinforce concepts taught during the day/week and involves assignments that tap the creativity of the child. Extended Home Tasks are administered through a system where subjects are rotated. These can be accomplished independently by the child and turned in by the schedule set by the teacher. Extended Home Tasks is not synonymous with daily revision that all children are expected to do. The Extended Home tasks are sent  via app notification .

Uniform Policy

  1. Students must be dressed in complete uniform on all days. We have a zero tolerance policy towards tardy uniform.
  2. Girls are not permitted to sport more than 2 ear piercings.
  3. Girls are permitted to wear only studs in their ears. Any other jewelry is not permitted and shall be confiscated. Boys are not permitted to wear any jewelry.
  4. Girls can have a single stud nose pin. Nose rings are not allowed.
  5. Body piercing of any other form is not permitted in all students of the school.
  6. Parents are requested to ensure that their child/children wear/s clean undergarments.
  7. All boys must keep their hair short (not being more than 2 inches long).Boys  will not be permitted to sport trendy hairstyles.Exceptions on religious grounds will be made.The school will use the on call barber to have the hair cut with no parental consent.
  8. Long nails and nail polish is prohibited.
  9. Girls up to grade 12 with long hair should tie their hair into a single pony along with a black hair band.. Fringe will need to neatly clipped.

Anti- Substance Abuse

Anti-alcohol/drug abuse policy
  1. AJPS, has the responsibility to maintain an educational environment conducive to academic and vocational achievement. The School recognizes that the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs may interfere with students educational goals and will also interfere with the education environment in the campus. Therefore, AJPS has a stringent policy governing the use of alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs. The purchase, possession, use, consumption, sale, distribution or storage of cigarettes, any alcoholic beverage, controlled substance or illegal drug is prohibited in the campus and at all School sponsored student events, conferences and activities.  The said policy is applicable to all students of the institution.Students, as per this policy, are required to adhere strictly the specific norms as stated below. This policy is a part and parcel of the rules and regulations of the organisation.
  2. The purchase, possession, use, consumption, sale, distribution or storage of cigarettes, any alcoholic beverage, controlled substance or illegal drug is prohibited on or off campus. This prohibition extends for the student until he is a bonafide student of this School.  This is applicable to a student found actively or passively, or being part of a conspiracy to promote such activities amongst other students/adults
  3. If any student of AJPS, is found under the influence / possession / distributing of alcohol / drugs or in possession of illegal / banned drugs / substances or if found distributing the same or is caught smoking cigarettes in the campus or outside, as long as he/she is a student AJPS; the matter will be immediately referred to the School Child Protection Committee, whose findings will be binding and irrevocable even if it means expulsion of the student from the rolls of the School. An Undertaking to this effect shall be submitted by the students and their parents at the time of admission, Annexure – 1. Such Undertaking shall also be provided by all existing students and their parents.
  4. Under suspicious circumstances, the students may be tested at random for substance abuse at any point of time on campus or after school’s working hours too.
  5. Students may be asked by the School to submit the drug / alcohol test report at regular interval of time.

Attendance & Leave

  1. 90% attendance is mandatory for all students. In case of extraordinary circumstances, prior permission for leave must be taken from the Principal with a written explanation.
  2. Once students enter the school, permission to take them home during class hours will not be granted.
  3. Half days are not permitted without the consent of the Principal.
  4. Parents should not send their child to school when he or she is suffering from any communicable infection. A medical certificate should be sent by mail to the Principal in such cases.
  5. Punctuality and regular attendance are a must. Attendance on the opening day and closing day of every session is mandatory. A fine of Rs. 500/- will be levied per day of absence for any violation of the aforementioned rule. There are no exemptions to this policy. The child will not be permitted to attend school unless this fine has been remitted.
  6. In case of absence, the reason for absence must be entered and signed by the parent in the absence record in the school diary , without which the child will not be admitted into class.
  7. If a child requires leave for more than 3 consecutive days, permission from the co-ordinator needs to requested.
  8. The school will not cover academic backlog caused by absenteeism.
  9. In case of insufficient attendance, the report card will be withheld and in severe conditions promotion to the next class will not be permitted.
  10. The school will not conduct a re-test for students who are absent, except at the discretion of the Principal

Withdraws & TC

  1. Parents are required to intimate us of discontinuing schooling at AJPS  for the next academic year by end of January.
  2. Transfer Certificates (TC) and Bonafide certificates will be issued 3 days after written request is made.
  3. The Transfer Certificate will be issued after dues towards the school have been cleared.
  4. In case the child is being withdrawn in the middle of the academic session, tuition and transport fees will be levied on Pro rata basis.
  5. Before TC is collected it is mandatory to deposit student and parent id cards of the withdrawing student to the school.
  6. For obtaining any other certificate from school, kindly make a written requisition –Annexures B or C.

Discipline Policy

Although the emphasis at AJPS is on positive behavior management and we recognize that encouragement and praise have the greatest impact on behavior. Student behavior is observed by an appointed Class Prefect  from across sections and reported to the Grade Coordinator.Each week, every section will be awarded or denied different colored stars for their behavior by the Grade Coordinator.
Star colors: Golden (highest form of recognition),
Silver, Red, Green and Black (highest disapproval)
Each star color will attract rewards or impositions

  • Loss or addition of House points (particular student/s)Impositions will include
  • Non participation in activities and competitions (whole class)
  • Preparation of stars for the Grade for the following week (whole class)

However it is also important to have a range of sanctions to apply, when the need arises. This is vital if we are to educate our students as far as appropriate behavior is concerned. These sanctions will be applied consistently and fairly to have the impact that we would hope.

Students will make mistakes and show behavior that, from time to time, do not facilitate good learning and violate the school ethos and/or rules. Sanctions are mostly constructive. i.e. they are designed to seek positive outcome / change of attitude or behavior. Dialogue with students / parents is always form an important part of this process.The following Behavior Policy describes in more detail what sanctions will be applied at classroom level. All staff will be responsible for ensuring that these sanctions are consistently applied.